Learn to sing the strikingly beautiful and exquisitely ornamented vocal music of Bulgaria.

From the resonant yips, yodels and cascades of the mountains, to the pulsating arabesques of the Thracian plain, this course covers four regions of idiomatic vocal music, providing a comprehensive foundation of vocal style and production.

You will be amazed by what you can do.

About the Course

The Course contains four sections.

Each section includes:

  • Two Bulgarian songs
  • Bulgarian Vocal Warm Ups
  • Regional Vocal Techniques
  • Design Information about Optimal Vocal Coordination
  • Tips for Rehearsing
  • Translations
  • MP3s of Each Song and Drone Accompaniment

In this course you will learn:

  • 12 warm-ups
  • 8 songs from 4 different regions of Bulgaria
  • Regional Pronunciation
  • Acoustical Properties of Bulgarian Vocal Production
  • Specific Regional Vocal Techniques & Ornamentation
  • Design Information about Optimal Vocal Coordination

This course is designed to work for a wide range of experience level, from beginning to professional singers.

The unique design of the course guarantees that there will be concepts and material that is new for even the most seasoned professional singers.

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Bulgarian Singing Course Bundle